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At Oxford Performance Clinic we have worked with clients of all backgrounds, some of whom have been experiencing acute injuries, others with persistent niggles which are aggravated by their activities and some of whom wish to minimise their injury risk. 


Phits custom insoles which are produced using the RS Footscan are also endorsed by many high profile athletes and are becoming the recognised 'choice for champions'.


Below are some reviews from our clients, sharing their experience with us.  

If you are looking to hear more reviews of our clinic and how we can help you be your best, message us.

Reviews, choice of champions phits.png

After 2 years of nearly continuous pain, Emily's thorough and thoughtful approach in assessing my injured shoulder has led to me being pain free for the first time since dislocating it. She took the time to listen to my problems and designed an exercise programme I could do anywhere which has enabled me to get back to all those jobs around the house that need doing! Thanks Emily

Male DIY Enthusiast (46yo)

I had a running assessment with Emily because of an ongoing achilles issue. The video analysis was really interesting as I could see what was going wrong with my gait and with some strengthening exercises for my achilles as well as my hips my running has improved and I have less achilles pain.

Female runner (24yo)

As a senior triathlete with bilateral bunions and arthritis in my big toe joints I have struggled to find something comfortable to support my feet and reduce pain when I'm running. My new Phits insoles have completely transformed my running and I am able to train pain free now and have even reduced my run time when competing... I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Triathlete, female (58yo)

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