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3D Printed Custom Insoles

Phits custom insoles 3d printed

Following a specialised biomechanical assessment with your physiotherapist, custom 3D Printed insoles, called Phits, can be recommended to improve your foot posture. Custom insoles can help to offload certain joints and muscles to reduce pain and injury risk when running or walking.


Using RS Footscan technology we can provide an accurate 2D and 3D analysis of static, balance and dynamic measurements. This bit of tech has the highest recording speed available on the market and is highly sensitive to give an accurate and reliable analysis of posture and stride.


Phits technology is proven to be the most accurate, bespoke device available today with 0.1mm of accuracy and over 8 million corrective measurement combinations. With the results from the RS Footscan we will have an accurate design for a Phits 3D printed insole orthotic.


Using dynamic 3D print technology designed by HP and Materialise, the finished product will be printed and sent out to you within 2-3 weeks.

Each custom insole by Phits has a 2 year warranty and top of the range cover options to choose from, including 2 styles of D30 - the leading impact protection material.


Whether you’re a runner, compete in events, like to walk or are on your feet all day, custom insoles by Phits can help improve performance, reduce your injury risk and enhance your comfort.


Custom insole packages start at £295 which includes:

  • Initial consultation with a specialist physiotherapist (history, physical examination and Footscan assessment)

  • A pair of bespoke 3D printed custom orthotics

  • A follow-up consultation call at 6-8 weeks


Phits 3D printed insoles fit into the majority of shoe types, including specifically adapted designs for Football, Running, Cycling, Golf and Skiing for optimal functionality. There are also custom insole options for narrower day to day footwear and even tailored safety insoles for workers boots.

Book your custom orthotics appointment by contacting us at:

Tel: 07729213081


2 Oakhall Court, Oakley, HP18 9UE

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