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Physical Therapy

physical therapy kinesio taping in Oxford

Physical therapy treatment incorporates a wide range of techniques and plays a key role in treating your pain, rehabilitating you back to full fitness and preventing future injury. 

At Oxford Performance Clinic we treat:

  • Musculoskeletal pain including back & spinal pain, upper & lower limb issues

  • Sports injuries

  • Work-related aches & pains 

  • Patients who have had spinal, joint or soft tissue surgery i.e. joint replacement, ACL repair

  • Patients with chronic pain or long term conditions who are experiencing a flare-up of symptoms

Techniques adopted include:

  • Manual therapy i.e. joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, fascial release

  • Rehabilitation (individualised exercise prescription, strength & conditioning, 1:1 APPI pilates)

  • Acupuncture & dry needling

  • Kinesiology taping 

  • Ergonomic advice regarding posture, equipment and workstation set up

We believe in restoring your function and getting you back to your best as quickly as possible and will always advise on how you can avoid future injuries, often involving an ongoing rehabilitation plan for you to continue to build strength and resilience. 

We also have access to the latest technology in dynamic balance testing and stride analysis which enhances our assessment and provides additional objective testing measures to monitor your progress.

Book your physical therapy in Oxford or Oakley by contacting us at:

Tel: 07729213081


2 Oakhall Court, Oakley, HP18 9UE

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