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3D Gait Analysis with RS Footscan

Rs Footscan Gait analysis Oxford

If you have pain with walking or running there are likely to be contributing factors. The pain may be caused by the way that you move and load the joints and tissues in your body. This can be assessed using top of the range gait analysis techniques to help adapt your gait to provide relief and minimise injury risk.


We provide a highly detailed gait analysis in Oxford Performance Clinic using the latest technology, an RS Footscan.


RS Footscan provides an accurate 2D and 3D analysis of static, balance and dynamic measurements with the highest recording speed available on the market, providing a highly sensitive and more reliable postural and gait analysis. Phits technology is proven to be the most accurate, bespoke device available today with 0.1mm of accuracy and over 8 million corrective measurement combinations.


Our specialised 3D gait analysis consultation includes the following:

  • A full subjective history will be taken - A thorough physical examination of the foot and ankle will be undertaken (and any further assessment deemed necessary by the physiotherapy dependent on the history)

  • Static and dynamic balance measures using the RS Footscan

  • Gait analysis and assessment using RS Footscan

  • Video gait analysis as required

  • In-depth discussion with the physiotherapist on findings and recommendations.

To book your gait analysis please contact us on:

Tel: 07729213081


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